Yellow Box Flashes Before Google AdSense Loads

Google Ads are display on your website  within  the <ins> tag.In some WordPress themes the theme designers normally include that CSS class in their CSS style sheet for there own purpose of controlling  their design, however  this may not work out well for others, for example : If you decide to change the background color of your website  to lets say white (#FFF ) you would may notice that every where you place your Google Adsense  Ads the area would flash yellow for a few seconds while your  page loads and the Google ads takes their positions.

Thankfully with little to no knowledge  of CSS  you can locate the culprit and change the background color to something less noticeable.

ins {
background: #ff0;

The simplest way is to open up your WordPress theme editor and select the file name style.css. Once the css file is opened the next step would be do a quick search using CTRL + F on windows or COMMAND + F on a Mac, locate the background property and change the value to the right of it to #FFF for white (the color of your choice). Click save and you Done!

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