Dominica Domains

Dot DM Whois Server and Response Code

The Whois API gives you access to the domain WHOIS records stored in the WHOIS registries, likewise .DM WHOIS server grants users access to .dm domain records including domain name, IP address block, name servers and registrant details, but is also used for a wider range of other information.

eg:If you use WHMCS as a billing / provisioning system you would need to configure  .DM WHOIS lookup information in your script for dot.DM domains  since its a none standard TLD;  referred to as (ccTLD) Country Code Top Level Domain.

To configure your script to query  Dominica whois server to verify the existence of  domain-names:
Edit /includes/whoisservers.php and add an entry in following format:

.dm||not found

Registry Information

URL for registration services:
WHOIS Server:
Response Code: not found

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