Facebook already announced what many had expected, but it was a cell phone, or a new operating system as many believed.
integrate social network, translated into Spanish, a “search graph” to the blue bar where people are currently looking. There will be a search engine like Google, because the information that you will provide will map graphic of Facebook, which is really large and constantly changing, almost a million new people a day.

The idea is that complex information easy to find. In the search may write questions such as “friends that like sports” or “Paris restaurants”. You will have a strong emphasis on places, if we write: “Mexican restaurants in Palo Alto” the results are displayed based on close and comprehensive recommendations.

The search engine is pretty smart to put “friends who like Harry Potter” people automatically appear with their profiles and photos.

This raises concerns regarding privacy, which has been troubled lately, but it is said that if a person shares their profile only with your friends will not appear in the search for others.

This type of privacy is possible because Facebook has a new interface where the user can adjust the privacy of their stuff by the padlock icon. The previously performed actions should be sufficient.

This tool can also be used to search for images of your friends, for example, to write: “photos of friends at Machu Pichu” button, a gallery with all the pictures of your friends, but only those who have shared those images with you.


To give an added value to this new tool, Facebook will partner to Microsoft’s Bing search engine, which will be used to find things that the social network are not as weather information or musical artists.

Tomorrow will begin the trial version and you can be part of this, you should only enter this LINK and press the green button that says “Join Waiting List”

Still no date for use by mobile phone.

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